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Art Education: B.S. in Education

Note: This degree meets Mississippi Department of Education requirements for Educator Licensure in Art, Grades K-12. The fine arts requirement will be met through required art history courses.

  Sem. Hrs.
A. University Core Curriculum for the Bachelor of Science as specified by the Department of Education 49
B. The following courses in Art: 6
ART 101-102 Basic Design I and II 6
ART 203-204 Drawing I and II 6
ART 205* Intro to Graphic Software   
       * meets university technology requirement
ART 207 Art in Elementary Schools 3
ART 211 Painting I 3
ART 212 Painting II 3
ART 318 Printmaking I 3
ART 331 Introduction to Sculpture 3
ART 351 Introduction to Ceramics 3
ART 407-408 History of Art I and II 6
ART 441 Art in Secondary Schools 3
ART 475 Aesthetics 3
ART 499 Senior Art Exhibit 1
Art Electives 9
C . Professional Education Specified by Department of Teacher Education 28
Total    132

See the MC degree planning page for the complete list of required courses for the B.S.Ed. in Art Education. 


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