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Undergraduate Addendum to the Syllabi

Undergraduate Courses

Each semester hour credit represents approximately one clock hour of lecture, or two hours of studio work per week for one semester, or the equivalent. It is the goal of all Mississippi College studio courses to precede every unit of study with a classroom or on site demonstration by the professor or a guest artist of his choosing.

Graduate Courses

Prerequisites: Graduate standing with sufficient background in subject area is a prerequisite for all graduate courses. Unless otherwise specified all three-semester-hour courses have lecture 3 hours per week. The student is reminded that one-half course work to be applied toward a Master’s degree must be on 6000-level. (See semester or term schedule for laboratory fees.)
These departments listed alphabetically offer graduate level courses:
*Note: A 400-level course taken for undergraduate credit cannot subsequently be changed to graduate credit nor repeated for graduate credit on the 5000 level.

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