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The Department of Art at Mississippi College offers a full program of studies leading to the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Art. We offer the faculty, facilities, resources, and encouragement which can lead to personal and professional fulfillment in artistic expression and practice. Our professional degree programs focus on the exploration and development of traditional and contemporary skills in visual design and communication. Mississippi College is a Christian college with classroom instruction and faculty-student relationships based on principles of spiritual character and support. The Department of Art encourages the exploration of art in a creative environment in which Christian values find exercise in the art experience.

Program Goals

The aims and objectives of the Art Department are:

Undergraduate Degrees

The student desiring to major in Art may choose the Bachelor of Arts in Studio, Graphic Design or Interior Design, or the Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, Interior Design or Art Education, depending upon vocational choice. The balance of art courses needed to complete art major requirements must consist of at least 21 semester hours of art on a junior-senior level. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 21 semester hours of art courses at Mississippi College.

Graduate Degrees

Students desiring a graduate degree in art may elect to pursue one of three degrees: the Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA), the Master of Arts degree (MA) or the Master of Education Degree in Art (MEd). Each degree requires a focus or emphasis in one studio area with a variety of art electives to complement the degree program of studies


Click here to access the undergraduate Art Department Scholarship application

Click here to access the graduate Art Department Scholarship application

*Scholarship applications must be received by the Art Dept. by April 1st of the submission year.
*These scholarships may range from $200.00-$1,500.00. They can be combined with other scholarships that the student might be awarded.
*All applicants will receive notification of their scholarship status, by the Art Dept., by the middle of May of the submission year.



The Art Department is located in Aven Hall on the north side of the campus at the corner of College St. and Jefferson St. between the Library and Self Hall. The office is located on the fourth floor in Room 412. There is an elevator in the rear of the building.

The department secretary is Lisa Peloquin.

The Quinn Library hours are: Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30 (Some classes do meet in the Quinn Library - class schedule is posted on the door - Aven 410B)

The Gore Gallery is on Monroe St. north of the Library. Gallery Hours are Monday-Friday, 9 am - 3 pm and Tueday evenings from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. 

For more information, call or write:

Mississippi College Department of Art

MC Box 4020, Clinton, MS 39058
Telephone: (601) 925-3231 / Fax: (601) 925-7732 / Email:

The Department of Art Mississippi CollegeClinton, Mississippi 39058