The Master of Education in Art degree offered by the Department of Art in conjunction with the School of Education is an advanced graduate degree in art education combined with advanced work in studio art.

The person who has earned this degree has reached a new level of maturity as an experienced and well-prepared art educator.   This degree shows that the degree holder of a Master of Education in Art has achieved a higher capability as an educator and is also working at higher standards of creative work.  M. Ed. graduates are capable of taking their places in the educational world as teachers with higher credentials and a deeper understanding of creative art. 

Mississippi College is one of only four undergraduate art education programs in the state, and we are the only Mississippi institution to offer a graduate Art Education degree. Being an integral part of an institution that has since 1826 made a place for itself for its commitment to Christian education, and with challenging and respected academic standards, gives students and faculty a reason to strive for the higher achievements required at the master’s level. Mississippi College is a Christian university serving more than 5,300 students from 39 states and 23 countries.  For an overall view of our university go to

Why seek the Master of Education in Art?

There are a number of professional educators who seek this degree for the enhancement of their personal creative and professional abilities. The M.Ed. in Art degree qualifies teachers to teach more confidently in the public and private elementary and secondary schools at a higher level of licensure. The goal of the seeker of the M.Ed. in Art may be to gain exposure to advanced aspects of the art education and creative fields which they weren’t able to receive in their undergraduate experience and to increase their skills set in educational and artistic endeavors. We have a core of courses to develop educators in their professional and creative aspects, and course options for students to be able to customize their graduate experience. Another advantage to seeking the degree is that graduates have the flexibility to teach part-time or full-time in a college setting at any point of their careers. We believe that the ability to teach others is proof of mastery, and this is just one of many advantages the M.Ed. in Art provides.

The Program

The M.Ed. in Art is a 30-hour degree (approximately 10 courses). Five of these courses are in selected studio courses, three are in education, and two are in art education. The M.Ed. in Art curriculum offers advanced courses in education and creative studio art, with traditional and non-traditional resolutions to educational and visual problems.  This curriculum expands your academic experience in professional education topics and also guides you in the creation of works of studio art that allow for creative growth, advanced ideas, and procedures. All of these goals demand high levels of academic and creative effort.

Low-Residency Program

K-12 teachers can also obtain their degree while teaching with our low-residency program.  Teachers can take education and art education courses online during the school year and attend classes on campus during the summer for the studio courses.  The entire degree can be earned in as little as 14 months.

Where do I begin?

Please contact Dr. Stephanie Busbea, Ph.D., Art Education Coordinator, for more information or if you have any questions.  We want to help you have a good experience as you consider our programs.  Admission can be granted as regular admission, or, if there are certain admissions components missing or prerequisites are required, provisional admission can be granted.

For regular admission to the M.Ed. in Art program, the applicant must have an undergraduate degree in art or equivalent preparation and hold or qualify to hold a Class A teacher’s license. Applicants without this degree or licensure will be required to take courses and obtain the license as specified by the Chair of Department of Art prior to regular admission to the M.Ed. in Art program.

The Admissions Process

Go to and complete the online application.  A $35.00 application fee is required. 

Submit the following:

  • Official transcript(s) from previous collegiate work (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s), and any transferable graduate credit.
  • Acceptable scores on the appropriate Praxis tests. 
  • A copy of your teaching license.

Submit the following to Dr. Stephanie Busbea, Art Education Coordinator:

  • A resume.
  • A digital portfolio consisting of 10-20 images showing your proficiency and accomplishment in creative studio. 
  • A formal statement of intent of 200-500 words setting forth a personal philosophy and professional objectives for the degree.

The portfolio and other materials must be approved by the graduate admissions committee for the applicant to receive regular or provisional admission.