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Applications for the Department of Art Endowments and Scholarships are due for submission by March 1 of each year.

Applications are vetted by committee soon after the March 1 deadline. Recipients are usually notified of their award status by the Financial Aid Office after the selections have been finalized. A full cycle is represented by a fall/spring semester session. For example, Fall 2023/Spring 2024 would allow for the award amount to be divided and given out during those two semesters. The next due date is March 1.

Submissions are accepted electronically only. An applicant can navigate to the application form by going to the MC website and follow the appropriate links: Schools and Departments, to School of Christian Studies and the Arts, to Art, to The Department, to Office and then scroll down to the appropriate grade level application for a graduate or undergraduate scholarship application.

Fill out the application completely. Submit a portfolio of work that is well organized and has good visual clarity. Include title, medium, and the date the work was completed. The applications do not carry over to the next selection cycle. A new application must be submitted for each selection cycle.

While each of these scholarships or endowments is not a fully vested tuition award, it is an honor to receive one and well worth the effort to apply. This award can be stacked along with any other financial assistance or award that the applicant may already have. These awards are open to all art majors. The Department of Art encourages you to apply.

Stipulations & Requirements

Stipulations/requirements for Institutional and Endowment awards from the Art Dept:

Institution/Endowment Requirement
Institutional  GPA/ need/ portfolio excellence
Sam Gore none particular
Ann Chin none particular
Clinton Jr. C. L. a Jr. or Sr. art student
Tom & M. J. Turner Art Major
Ed Connerly most deserving student
Rev. J. E. Gore none particular
E. Pajerski none particular
Gloria Waller Female art major, Jr. standing, MS resident for 2 years
James Spain for entering or returning student
Bob Dunaway transfer from MS Community College 2 year 3.0 GPA
Retha Baker none particular
Kenneth Quinn Art Education Major