Master of Science in Art

The Department of Art offers the Master of Science in Art degree in studio art, which includes studies in two-dimensional arts such as painting and drawing, and the three-dimensional arts including sculpture and ceramics. For graduate studies in graphic design, please refer to the M.F.A. programs in Visual Arts and Graphic Design and the Master of Science in Graphic Design in the Graduate Degree Programs list in the Graduate Catalog. There is no graduate program in interior design.

Application for Full Admission

In addition to the requirements set forth by the Graduate Office, the applicant must comply with the following and have approval for admission from an appointed graduate art faculty review committee:

Master of Science Degree in Art

1.     Applicants interested in the 30 hour Master of Science in Art Degree must provide the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies with the following:

        a.  An online application for Graduate Admission, located on the website:

        b.  One official copy of all academic transcripts.

        c.  A $35.00 application fee.

        All admission documents must be sent to the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (Box 4067, Clinton, MS 39058).

2.     The admission requirements below will be reviewed by an appointed Department of Art Graduate Admissions Review Committee and the Graduate Art Coordinator.

        a.   Applicants for the 30 hour Master of Science in Art Degree must either hold an undergraduate degree in studio art with a major in either two-dimensional or three-dimensional art or earned the equivalent undergraduate preparation in art (contact the Graduate Coordinator of the Department of Art for information on equivalency of preparation).

        b.   The Department of Art requires applicants to have an undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or above.

        c.   Submit a formal statement of intent of 500-1,000 words setting forth a personal philosophy and professional objectives for the degree. The statement may be submitted in either a digital word-processing format to the Mississippi College Department of Art by electronic mail or submitted to the Department in printed form. The digital word document may be sent by email to A printed copy may be sent to Graduate Art Coordinator c/o Mississippi College Department of Art, P O Box 4020, Clinton, MS 39058.

        d.   Applicants must provide a current resume or vita.

        e.   Submit a portfolio of artwork that reflects proficiency and preparation for graduate study in studio art. It should include painting, and drawing, for a two-dimensional emphasis or sculpture and ceramics for a three-dimensional emphasis. The portfolio must consist of a maximum of 20 images. The applicant may provide either a PDF of 20 digital images of artwork or 20 printed images. The PDF portfolio may be sent by email to A printed portfolio of images may be sent to Graduate Studio Art Coordinator c/o Mississippi College Department of Art, P O Box 4020, Clinton, MS 39058. The portfolio will be reviewed by an appointed graduate committee and an admission decision will be made.

        f.    Note: It is the option of the graduate art faculty committee to require applicants to take specific undergraduate prerequisite courses prior to admission to the MFA in Visual Arts program.

        g.   Students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts graduate degree for the purpose of obtaining a standard AAA educator license are required to submit a copy of the appropriate VALID Mississippi standard A educator license along with the application.

International Student Admissions

International students must meet regular admission requirements as stated above. However, the following exceptions to admissions procedures of Mississippi College may be made for international students applying for the Master of Science:

The GRE score is required by the Graduate School but regular admission may be granted without the GRE
score. The GRE must be taken at least one time by all international students seeking the MS prior to earning
six semester hours of graduate credit. Students who have not obtained the necessary scores on the G.R.E.
outlined above after one attempt may be admitted through the alternate admission requirement below:

The interview may take place upon arrival at Mississippi College.


Refer to the academic catalog for course descriptions

A minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate work:

MA candidates must complete the following course requirements:


One of these:

ART 6507 Research Topics in Art History: Artists Credits: 3 sem. hrs.


ART 6508 Research Topics in Art History: Periods or Styles Credits 3 sem. hrs.

And one of these:

ART 6101 Graduate Design Credits 3 sem. hrs.

ART 6207 Curriculum Development in Studio Art Credits 3 sem. hrs.

ART 6208 Theories of Art Education Credits 3 sem. hrs.

ART 6475 Aesthetics and Art Criticism Credits 3 sem. hrs.


Two-dimensional or three-dimensional concentration, selected in consultation with the graduate coordinator.


The Master of Arts candidate shall exhibit artwork demonstrating competence in the studio concentration. The candidate is required to pass an oral comprehensive examination at which time artwork will be presented.