Master of Science in Graphic Design

The Department of Art offers the Master of Science degree in Graphic Design. A minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate work is required for the M.S. degree. The Master of Science (M.S.) Degree in Graphic Design is a 30 hour degree with 15 core hours (which includes 6 hours of a capstone project), 12 hours of Graphic Design and Graphic Design-related coursework, and 3 hours of an approved graduate level art elective. Courses will normally be offered to allow completion of course work in one year plus one semester of full-time study (12 hrs. per semester recommended load), but actual completion of course requirements is dependent on course availability and the taking of required courses when offered. The Department of Art cannot guarantee a completion date for the degree.

Application for Full Admission:

1.     Applicants interested in the 30 hour Master of Science in Graphic Design Degree must provide the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies with the following:

        a.  An online application for Graduate Admission, located on the website:

        b.  One official copy of all academic transcripts.

        c.  A $35.00 application fee.

        All admission documents must be sent to the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (Box 4067, Clinton, MS 39058).

2.     The admission requirements below will be reviewed by an appointed Department of Art Graduate Admissions Review Committee and the Graduate Graphic Design Coordinator.

        a.  The Department of Art requires applicants to have an undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or above.

        b.  Submit a formal statement of intent of 500-1,000 words setting forth a personal philosophy and professional objectives for the degree. The statement may be submitted in either a digital word-processing format to the Mississippi College Department of Art by electronic mail or submitted to the Department in printed form. The digital word document may be sent by email to A printed copy may be sent to Graduate Graphic Design Coordinator c/o Mississippi College Department of Art, P O Box 4020, Clinton, MS 39058.

        c.  Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree in graphic design, art, public relations, or communications with at least 18 hours of graphic design related course work.

        e.  Applicants must provide a current resume or vita.

        d.  For the MFA in Graphic Design the applicant must provide a portfolio of artwork in graphic design showing proficiency in the use of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign, and mastery in the use of design principles. The portfolio must consist of a maximum of 20 images. The applicant may provide either a PDF of 20 digital images of artwork or 20 printed images. The PDF portfolio may be sent by email to A Printed portfolio of images may be sent to Mr. Ben Ivey c/o Mississippi College Department of Art, P O Box 4020, Clinton, MS 39058. The portfolio will be reviewed by an appointed graduate committee and an admission decision will be made.

        e.  At the option of the graduate admissions committee, applicants without this degree or equivalent undergraduate preparation may be required to take undergraduate prerequisite courses as specified prior to Regular Admission to the M.F.A in Graphic Design program. 


International students must meet regular admission requirements as stated above. However, the following exceptions to admissions procedures of Mississippi College may be made for international students applying for the Master of Science:

1. The GRE score is required by the Graduate School but regular admission may be granted without the GRE
score. The GRE must be taken at least one time by all international students seeking the MS prior to
earning six semester hours of graduate credit. Students who have not obtained the necessary scores on the
G.R.E. outlined above after one attempt may be admitted through the alternate admission requirement

2. The interview may take place upon arrival at Mississippi College. 


Refer to the academic catalog for course descriptions

The Department of Art offers a limited number of scholarships and assistantships for M Graphic Design candidates. Contact the Mississippi College Department of Art for details.

Additional scholarships and loans are available. For more information, please contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies or the Financial Aid Office.

All Master of Science in Graphic Design candidates must take one of the following courses:

•  ART 6507 - Research Topics in Art History:  Credits, 3 sem. hrs.  or

•  ART 6508 - Research Topics in Art History: Periods or Styles: Credits, 3 sem. hrs.

Candidates must complete six hours of directed projects:

ART 6415 and ART 6416 Graphic Design:  Directed Projects  I and II

These directed projects when taken for  the Master of Science in Graphic Design degree are studio courses which prove  that the candidate for the degree is capable of solving a creative problem  in visual art at a professional  level with adequate scope,  and is also capable of scholarly research that demonstrates, supports, and analyzes the creative problem  along with historical and critical perspectives  applicable  to the creative problem.  For M S. students taking these courses, the teacher of ART 6415 -Directed Problems I and  ART 6416 -Directed Problems II, will serve as the chair of a review committee for  directed projects along with Graphic Design Research Faculty as appointed by the Chair of the Department  of Art.


A student may request to transfer a maximum of 6 hours of graduate credit from another regionally accredited college or university. Only courses in which the student received the grade of B or higher may be transferred.  Contact the Graduate Coordinator /or the Department of Art for details.

Mississippi College graduate students currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Art, Master of Education (with emphasis in Art), and the Master of Science in Graphic Design degree programs may transfer a maximum of 30 resident art graduate hours into the Master of Fine Arts degree program. Mississippi  College alumni with the Master of Science  in Art, and the Master of Education  (with emphasis in Art), and the Master of Science  in Graphic Design degree programs  may transfer a maximum of 30 resident hours of graduate  art into the M S. in Graphic Design program  with approval of the Chair of  the Department  of Art. All other conditions and requirements outlined by the Graduate School concerning transfer credit must be observed. Refer to the General Requirements for Graduation in this catalog.


30 semester hours of graduate credit in art in a program of studies to be approved by the graduate coordinator and the graduate Graphic Design Coordinator, to include:

NOTE: Courses ART 6591, ART 6592, and ART 6593 may be repeated as necessary for up to six hours credit. In most cases, the student should not expect to earn more than six semester hours in any combination of field experiences courses.


One of these:

  • ART 6507 Research Topics in Art History: Artists Credits,: 3 sem. hrs.  or

  • ART 6508 Research Topics in Art History: Periods or Styles Credits,: 3 sem. hrs. 

And the following:

  • ART 6415 Graphic Design: Directed Problems I Credits,: 3 sem. hrs. 

  • ART 6416 Graphic Design: Directed Problems II Credits,: 3 sem. hrs. 

  • ART 6801 Typography Credits,: 3 sem. hrs. 

  • ART 6802 History of Graphic Design Credits,: 3 sem. hrs. 


12 semester hours in graphic design or graphic design-related courses as approved by the graduate graphic design coordinator from the following:

Graphic Design Courses:

  • ART 5415 - Graduate Graphic Design I
  • ART 5416 - Graduate Graphic Design II
  • ART 6803 - Group Critique Workshop
  • ART 6804 - Interactive Design
  • ART 6805 - Media Portfolio
  • ART 6806 - Digital Portfolio

Graphic Design-related courses:

  • ART 5305 - Computer Illustration
  • ART 5403 - Illustration
  • ART 5421 - Special Projects
  • ART 5422 - Special Projects
  • ART 5474 - Professional Internship
  • ART 5481 - Graduate Photography
  • ART 6117 - Communicating the Gospel Through Art
  • ART 6207 - Curriculum Development in Studio Art
  • ART 6591 - Field Studies
  • ART 6592 - Field Studies
  • ART 6593 - Field Studies