Undergraduate Interior Design +

Retention Rates

94% of the students enrolled during the 2019 Spring semester returned for the Fall 2019 semester to continue their degree program in interior design.

Graduation Rates

100% of the students from the class of 2018 who entered upper division courses graduated.

Job Placement Rates

Job placement rates are listed below and are based on interior design graduates securing jobs in the interior design field upon completing their internships and graduating from Mississippi College.

  • 2018 Graduates: 100%
  • 2017 Graduates: 100%
  • 2016 Graduates: 80%
  • 2015 Graduates: 100%

Graduate School Acceptance Rates

A graduate degree is not required to become a certified interior designer; however, some students decide to further their education to focus on a specialty area or to become eligible to teach higher education. 

There have not been any recent interior design graduates that have applied to graduate school.